• Leading Merchant Exporter from India.

Established in the year 1985 as Velmuruga Match Works in Sivakasi, Tamilnadu, India. It has emerged in producing Handmade Superior Quality Safety Matches. Jevi Exports, founded under the proprietorship of Jeyabharathi. We have specialised in exporting High Quality Safety Matches. 

Our product range includes Wooden and Wax Safety Matches with all Standard Specifications and similar others. We export world class match sticks, creating a great value for our Suppliers and end users. The safety matches are also intended to provide maximum performance at any climatic conditions. We use very high quality sticks and deliver goods matching with the wishes of our clients. 

Jevi Exports is one of the leading exporters of safety matches exporters in India with high-end quality without any compromise. e produce top-quality safety matches, including cardboard, veneer, kitchen, hotel and many other safety matches, at the best price. Without any doubt, Jevi Exports is your no.1 quality supplier for all ranges of safety matches.


Wax Matches

Our wax match boxes is made with tissue paper and paraffin wax. The wax coating on the matches gives excellent splint strength, flawless flame and suitability in all weather conditions.


Wooden Safety Matches

The product is made using advanced grade duplex board and soft wood. The box poses a striking appearance and smooth finish. The frictional edge on the side ensures safe and soft ignition of the matchsticks

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