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Black Pepper

Palia Brothers is a brand that is famous for its black pepper of the highest calibre. We have carved out a place for ourselves among the top Indian black pepper producers. We provide the finest natural black pepper, which is well known for its unique flavour. These black pepper beans obtained from the farmers are sized, garbled, washed, and dried in accordance with consumer preferences. The most modern equipment is used in our production facility to manufacture large amounts of black pepper,without skimping on the quality. Additionally, we have set very affordable prices for our black peppers so that our client can simply get it. Pepper berries are picked fresh from the farm, and after being cleaned of any stones or other foreign objects, they are carefully washed in boiling water and dried until the moisture content is less than 11%.
Being the most significant and popular spice in the world, black pepper is referred to as “The King Of Spices.” It is often referred to as spices’ black gold. Black pepper has long been employed in home treatments in addition to in the preparation of hot foods. Black pepper plants are raised for its peppercorn-shaped fruit, which is often dried and used as a spice and flavour. The fruit, like all drupes, has a single seed and is around 5 mm (0.20 in) wide when fresh and fully mature. It is also dark crimson in colour.

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