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Great Millet

Sorghum is used for many things, including making food for people.grain used as animal feed and in industrial processes like ethanol generation.The majority of grain is used for food (55%), and is typically eaten as flat breads and thick porridges; “Stover” is a crucial component of cattle maintenance feeds throughout the dry season.Sorghum millet treats arthritis and aids in body weight and temperature regulation.
It contains a lot of protein, plenty of calcium, antioxidants, and phosphorus and potassium. Iron and sodium are scarcely present.Sorghum millets are a far greater source of nutrients than wheat or rice.Additional research by “www.nuscommunity.org” indicates that the calcium content is double that of rice.Sorghum can be collected to make syrup akin to that made from palm or sugarcane. The nutritional value of yellow endosperm with carotene and xanthophyll rises.

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