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Turmeric Bulb

Turmeric Bulb Scientific Name Curcuma longa. It is Family Zingiberaceae (Ginger family). The turmeric bulb refers to the underground rhizome or tuberous root of the turmeric plant. he turmeric bulb, also known as the rhizome, exhibits a knobby and segmented structure, resembling fingers or tubers. The bulb is the source of turmeric, celebrated for its warm, earthy flavor and distinctive golden color. Integral to various cuisines, the bulb is a key player in curries, stews, rice dishes, and spice blends. Turmeric bulbs contribute a slightly bitter, peppery, and musky flavor to dishes, enhancing the overall taste profile. Typically, the turmeric bulbs are carefully unearthed after the plant has matured.Turmeric bulbs are symbolic in various cultures, particularly in South Asia, where they play a role in ceremonies, weddings, and rituals. Keep turmeric bulbs in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Fresh bulbs can be refrigerated.

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